Hello, I am Alex.

I have one kid, which as every other parent love to the moon. But its not always easy with kids. i don’t always understand what she wants. I get flustered or sometimes i downright question myself and judge myself.

Because of this i often google things, and look for help around the internet. But its a wast journey just finding the answers to any question i might have. That got my thinking, i cant be alone with this.

So therefor i started my website “Baby Pointer”. Its a collection of everything i find cool, interesting and i think others should know. Of course not everyone will agree with everything i write, or promote, and that’s fine. I urge you not just to read what i write and, take it for good fish (a saying where i am from about doing your own research also).

I will also Promote some products as an affiliate here, but only if i think its something you should have. And if you feel like there is something i should make a post/page about, Please write a comment about it.